Welcome to the Legacy Foundation at Shell Point

Professional Financial Advisory Is Always Within Reach

The Legacy is a specialized non-profit organization created to provide financial and wealth planning concierge services exclusively for residents of Shell Point.

We work alongside your bankers, financial and tax advisors, attorneys and other professionals to provide seamless legacy planning services. We call this the Legacy Service.

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The Legacy Service

Estate Plan

A complimentary review of your current estate plan and advance directives (power of attorney, health care directives, living will) to help you achieve your objectives.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth transfer planning, from simple wills to complex estates, utilizing the latest estate and tax planning strategies. Helping you with strategies to make your philanthropy more rewarding.

Financial Services

Essential financial services, including a daily money management program to help you make the most of your money. Educational workshops and seminars.

Vision 2020

A Vision of Excellence for the Future of Healthcare at Shell Point

Since our founding in 1968, Shell Point has been a pioneer in providing caring and compassionate healthcare to our residents. Nearly every resident over this period, starting with our very first one, has benefited from the care, programs and services that have been developed through the years.

The new Larsen (formerly Waterside) Health Center will create an environment that improves staff communication and collaboration, and fosters caring, healing and innovation. Dedicated training and education spaces will help us recruit and train the very best staff to care for our residents.

Beginning in 2018 and culminating in 2020, Shell Point will have invested over $100 million in healthcare improvements in the community.


Announcing The Fifth Annual Medical Breakthroughs & Discoveries Series

The Legacy Foundation, in conjunction with Shell Point Wellness Connection, has announced the new lineup for the 2020 Medical Breakthroughs & Discoveries Series, a healthcare speaker series designed to share updates on the latest advances in medical research and healthcare practice.

This educational series features prominent local and national experts who will address recent advances in the fields of global healthcare, macular degeneration, memory disorders, breast cancer and modern medicine.

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Have you already included Shell Point in your estate plan?

If the answer is yes, we'd like to invite you to become a member of our Shell Point Legacy Society! Please contact the Legacy Foundation at (239) 466-8484 to learn more.

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Jeff Cory, CFP, CTFA

Executive Director

A Word From Our Director

I believe that individuals are designed with the innate desire to make a difference, leave their mark, and live a purposeful life that extends well beyond themselves. 

During our lifetimes we accomplish this by investing our lives in other people; raising a family, volunteer work, a career or vocation, serving our country, and giving to worthy civic and charitable organizations. 

As we approach the estate and legacy planning process, we bring together the culmination of our life experiences, values, faith, relationships, and resources into a unique master plan to leave our mark on family and society for generations to come. Our lasting legacy shares with the world how we intend to be remembered. It’s a celebration of our life and our belief in a better and brighter tomorrow. 

Need a review? Contact Jeff Cory today at (239) 466-8484 to schedule an appointment.

The Legacy Foundation at Shell Point recommends that each person should consult with his or her qualified advisors about their specific situation before making any decisions. This publication is intended to provide accurate, general information, not legal or tax advice.

We do not disclose any non-public personal information about our current or former clients except as instructed to do so by such individuals. We restrict access to non-public information to those professionals our clients request to assist in the completion of legal, tax, and financial services. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect a client's non-public personal information.